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Let me be your Muse...

"Honoring Inner. Creating Outer."

Personal Coaching & Classes

Deepen your experience of expressing your inner vision through photography, invite your teen to explore how their life can be with the help of their camera, or have a private session with me to become clearer on what it is that seduces you with photography, and how to get more of that great feeling and beautiful images...

Below is a sample of classes - full listing is here...

1. "The Inner Path of Photography"

What is the inner experience of photography? Deep, spiritual, rarely discussed…it is what seduces us and send us out to shoot again and again. We yearn for the taste of the sacred…and through our cameras discover it, the world, and ourselves.

This class is for those who want to explore more deeply the intuitive, mystical part of their photography practice. Drawing on the tradition of the photographer Minor White, and using techniques and philosophies from psychology, Zen, and other contemplative and healing practices, we’ll come to understand more fully this silent experience, apply it to our art, and enhance the quality of both our photography and life.


2. "You are the Artist of Your Life: Exploring Life Direction Through Photography - For Teens"

Did you ever think of your life as a work of art, with you as the artist painting the picture?

Did you know that you can learn photography, and at the same time discover and start creating the life you want? …more

3. Personal Guide/Mentor/Muse Sessions

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own personal muse? Someone to support you, show you some new ways of approaching your work, to encourage you to be who you are and honor the artist within.

If you’ve been yearning to express yourself more fully, I encourage you to try customized Inner Path Photography Personal Coaching Sessions with me. You’ll have new insights into your work, become clearer and more confident about your personal vision, and be inspired to create at a whole new level. more